This list relates to the year Semester 2, 2017 which ended on 20/10/2017
This list has been archived
  1. Readings on the history and/or historical conditions of cinema 8 items
    1. Loïe Fuller and the Art of Motion - Body, Light, Electricity, and the Origins of Cinema - Tom Gunning

      Chapter  Full text available. The library also has physical copies.

    2. The cinema of attractions reloaded - Wanda Strauven, Ebooks Corporation c2006 (electronic resource)

      Book  especially “Lumière, The Train and the Avant-Garde”, pp.245ff “Attraction Practices through History [‘The Avant-Garde’ Section 1]”

  2. Week 1: [Focus on Jean-Luc Godard] The End of Cinema (From celluloid to digital), Image-Quality, History & Memory 19 items
    Using Jean Luc Godard’s Histoire du cinema and Hito Steyerl’s “In Defense of the Poor Image” as differing poles of thought, this week looks at some conceptual questions arising from developments in recording technologies and materials (16mm, 35mm, video tape, digital), particularly the losses and gains of choosing between analogue and digital, with specific focus on memory and image ‘quality’. What did Godard mean when he claimed last century that we have reached the end of cinema? When we speak about the quality of the image, to what are we referring? Should we be asking whether there are only perceptions of quality, rather than an objective ideal from which to judge it? After all, to what are we referring when we speak of image-quality in a time of ubiquitous, multi-platform image-exchange?
    1. Prescribed Readings: 3 items
      1. In Defense of the Poor Image - Hito Steyerl

        Chapter  In Defense of the Poor Image, pp.31–45

    2. Background Readings: 12 items
      1. On CinemaScope - Roland Barthes

        Webpage  [Accessed on 13/07/2017]

      2. How video made the history of cinema possible. [Chapter 6] - Jean-Luc Godard

        Chapter  How Video Made the History of Cinema Possible, pp.31–40.

      3. Camera obscura, camera lucida: essays in honor of annette michelson

        Book  [eBook] Babette Mangolte, “Afterword: A Matter of Time, Analogue Versus Digital, the Perennial Question of Shifting Technology and its Implications for an Experimental Filmmaker’s Odyssey”, pp. 262

      4. Memory and the moving image: French film in the digital era - Isabelle F. McNeill, Cambridge University Press c2010 (electronic resource)

        Book  Chapter 1, “Memory and the Moving Image”

    3. Interpretations of the “Work of Art” essay 4 items
      1. Walter Benjamin : The Colour of Experience - Howard Caygill 1997 (electronic resource)

        Book  Howard Caygill, “The Work of Art”, Available on View It Tab. The library also has physical copies.

      2. Benjamin’s Aura - Miriam Bratu Hansen 01/2008


      3. Cinema and experience: Siegfried Kracauer, Walter Benjamin, and Theodor W. Adorno - Marian Bratu Hansen, Ebooks Corporation c2012 (electronic resource)

        Book  Pt. 2 Actuality, Antinomies, pp. 86-

  3. Week 2: Time / Duration / Cut [focus on Chantal Akerman] 27 items
    Thinking about montage or editing opens directly onto questions of time. Montage orders narrative and temporal structures. It has the potential to shatter our everyday sense of time, as something linear or sequential (pastpresentfuture). The way a film is cut is also important in establishing the durational and affective qualities of the work. The ‘cut’ can make the spaces and gaps between images [the interval] more manifest, as shock, as pause, as break, or, as method for unifying the world in different ways. It can make intellectual demands on the viewer, or, at the same time, turn the viewing experience into pure spectacle. This week’s screenings will look at different approaches to the way makers cut and re-assemble shots, with a focus on Chantal Akerman and “the long take”. We will also look at some ideas about montage from theorists, such as Gilles Deleuze, Dziga Vertov, Sergei Eisenstein, and Andrei Tarkovsky.
    1. Prescribed Readings: 3 items
      1. Time, Rhythm, Editing - Andrey Tarkovsky

        Chapter  Available at Reserve: overnight loan 791.430233 T187S 1986.

    2. Other Readings on Akerman 6 items
      1. Persistence of Vision - Turvey, Malcolm Nov 2008


    3. Background Readings: 6 items
      1. Cinema 2 : The Time-Image - Gilles Deleuze, Hugh Tomlinson, Robert Galeta 1989 (electronic resource)

        Book  Chapter 4, Crystals of time.

      2. Transforming Time - Sven Lütticken 10/2010


    4. Soviet/Russian 7 items
      1. The Council of Three - Dziga Vertov

        Chapter  pp.14–21

      2. The Factory of Facts and Other Writings - Dziga Vertov, Kevin O'Brian 24/1978


      3. The Eisenstein reader - Richard Taylor, British Film Institute 1998


    5. Deleuze 5 items
      1. Gilles Deleuze's time machine - David Norman Rodowick 1997

        Book  D.N. Rodowick, “A Short History of Cinema”

      2. Afterimages of Gilles Deleuze's film philosophy - David Norman Rodowick, Ebooks Corporation c2010 (electronic resource)


  4. Week 3: Screening Analogue 16mm films 5 items
    1. Screening Analogue 16mm films 2 items
      1. Wavelength (Michael Snow, 1967) 21/1/2012

        Audio-visual document 

      2. David Holzman's diary - Jim McBride, L. M. Kit Carson, Eileen Dietz, Michael Wadleigh 2011 (videorecording)

        Audio-visual document 

    2. Prescribed Readings: 2 items
      1. Time and space - Elizabeth Legge

        Chapter  pp. 27-61.digitised excluding the colour image inserts.

    3. Background Readings: 1 item
  5. Week 4: Artist’s films, the “Diary” film, found footage, an “amateur” aesthetic 14 items
    The lecture will look at some examples of films, both historical and contemporary, that adopt accessible recording technologies and materials, or use low production costs, or found footage to support a personal, diaristic or handmade aesthetic.
    1. Prescribed Readings: 3 items
      1. Roundtable on Digital Experimental Filmmaking - Flo Jacobs, Ken Jacobs, Luis Recoder, Lynne Sachs, Mark Street, Malcolm Turvey and Federico Windhausen 2011


    2. Further writings on Ken Jacobs & Flo Jacobs 1 item
    3. Suggested films to watch 1 item
      1. Maysles Brothers, Grey Gardens (1975), Guy Debord, Jim McBride, Sadie Benning,

        Jonathan Caoutte, Guerin and Mekas, amongst others, Jennifer Reeves (The time

        we killed), Margaret Tait, Other films, Louise Curham (Conimbla) 2007, fugue solas

    4. Interviews with independent filmmakers and artists 2 items
      1. A critical cinema: interviews with independent filmmakers - Scott MacDonald, American Council of Learned Societies 1988-2006 (electronic resource)

        Book  Jim McBride in Vol.4 Ken and Flo Jacobs in Vol.3 Jonas Mekas in Vol. 2 Stan Brakhage, Vol.4 Babette Mangolte, Vol. 1

      2. The cinema of attractions reloaded - Wanda Strauven 2006

        Book  especially “Lumière, The Train and the Avant-Garde”, pp.245ff

    5. Writings on Guy Debord, The Situationists, The Lettrists 4 items
      1. Guy Debord and the situationist international: texts and documents - Tom McDonough c2002

        Book  Levin, Thomas Y. “Dismantling the Spectacle: The Cinema of Guy Debord,” pp. 321-453. can not be digitised due to copyright.

    6. Background texts on experimental cinema 3 items
      1. Serious Mothlight: For Stan Brakhage (1933-2003) - Nicole Brenez, Adrian Martin

        Webpage  [Accessed on 18/07/2017]

  6. Week 5: Installing moving image / Installation and the gallery 8 items
    1. Prescribed Readings: 2 items
      1. Round Table: The Projected Image in Contemporary Art - Malcolm Turvey, Hal Foster, Chrissie Iles, George Baker, Matthew Buckingham and Anthony McCall 2003


      2. Art and the moving image: a critical reader - Tanya Leighton, Afterall (Organization) 2008

        Book  Gregor Stemmrich, “White Cube, Black Box, Grey Areas: Venues and Values”, pp.430–443.

    2. Background texts 6 items
      1. Exhibiting cinema in contemporary art - Erika Balsom c2013

        Book  eBook available, click "Online Resource" tab.

      2. Crossing Marker - Adrian Martin

        Chapter  pp. 4-11

  7. Week 6: Sensation / narrative 17 items
    1. Prescribed Readings: 3 items
      1. Cinema and reality - Antonin Artaud

        Chapter  v. 3, pp. 19-25

    2. Background Readings: 14 items
      1. Cinema and sensation: French film and the art of transgression - Martine Beugnet c2007

        Book  Martine Beugnet, “The Aesthetics of Sensation”, click "Online Resource" tab to view eBook.

      2. The Brain is the Screen - Gilles Deleuze

        Chapter  pp. 282-291

      3. Claire Denis - Martine Beugnet 2004


      4. Claire Denis - Judith Mayne 2005


      5. Sculpting in time: reflections on the cinema - Andrei Arsen£evich Tarkovskii 1989


      6. Touch: sensuous theory and multisensory media - Laura U. Marks 2002

        Book  eBook available, click the "Online Resource" tab.

      7. The skin of the film: intercultural cinema, embodiment, and the senses - Laura U. Marks, Duke University Press 2000 (electronic resource)


  8. Week 7: Documentary [case study] The Left Bank Group [Focus on Chris Marker 27 items
    1. Prescribed Readings: 2 items
    2. Theories on Documentary 8 items
      1. Memory and the moving image: French film in the digital era - Isabelle F. McNeill, Cambridge University Press c2010 (electronic resource)

        Book  Full text available online. Read 'Virtual Museums and Memory Objects'

      2. Specters of the Real: Documentary Time and Art - E. Cowie 01/01/2007

        Article  Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies, 2007 Spring, Vol.18(1), pp.87-127

      3. Moving Away from the Index: Cinema and the Impression of Reality - T. Gunning 01/01/2007

        Article  Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies, 2007 Spring, Vol.18(1), pp.29-52

      4. Film fables: Jacques Ranciere ; translated by Emiliano Battista - Jacques Ranciere c2006

        Book  Unable to be digitised. Read “Documentary Fiction: Marker and the Fiction of Memory”, (trans.) Emiliano Battista, Film Fables, (Berg, New York, 2006), pp. 157-170.

      5. Documentary Is/Not a Name - Trinh T. Minh-Ha 21/1990

        Article  October, vol.52, spring 1990, pp.76–98

      6. Documentary Reenactment and the Fantasmatic Subject - Bill Nichols 09/2008

        Article  Critical Inquiry, 2008 Autumn, Vol.35(1), pp.72-89

      7. Documentary Film and the Modernist Avant-Garde - Bill Nichols 2001

        Article  Critical Inquiry, 2001 Summer, Vol.27(4), pp.580-610

    3. Secondary writings on Chris Marker 10 items
      1. : Chris Marker - image = text 2017

        Website  Chris Marker, Sans Soleil (sunless), 1985, 100.mins France, Colour—Translation of Marker scripts [Accessed 04/09/2017]

      2. The Truth About Paris. - Diiorio, Sam 2003

        Article  Film Comment, May/Jun 2003, Vol.39(3), pp.46-47

      3. Insane memory - Petit, Chris 1994

        Article  Sight and Sound, 1994 July, Vol.4(7), p.13

      4. Crossing Chris: Some Markerian Affinities - Adrian Martin 2010

        Article  Image (&) Narrative, 2010, Vol.11(1), pp.82-91

      5. Chris Marker - Nora M. Alter 2006


      6. Chris Marker: memories of the future - Catherine Lupton, Reaktion Books (Firm), Cromwell Press (Trowbridge, England) c2005


    4. Writings on Agnès Varda 4 items
      1. Interview: Agnès Varda [Webpage of Film Comment Magazine] - Violet Lucca May 11, 2015

        Webpage  [Accesssed on the 05/09/2017]

      2. Matter, Time, and the Digital: Varda's the Gleaners and I - Homay King 10/09/2007

        Article  Quarterly Review of Film and Video, 10 September 2007, Vol.24(5), p.421-429

      3. Waste not: Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse and the heterogeneous documentary film score - Alyxandra Vesey 02/09/2014

        Article  Studies in French Cinema, 01 October 2014, p.1-13

    5. Writings on Alain Resnais 2 items
      1. Material Relics: Resnais, Memory and the Senses - E. Wilson 01/01/2005

        Article  French Studies: A Quarterly Review, 2005 Jan, Vol.59(1), pp.25-30

    6. Other writings/ Other Groups 1 item
  9. Week 8: The Essay Film / Dylan Rainforth 7 items
    1. Prescribed Readings: 2 items
      1. The Essay Film: Problems, Definitions, Textual Commitments - Rascaroli, Laura 2008

        Article  Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media, 1 October 2008, Vol.49(2), pp.24-47

    2. Background readings 5 items
      1. "'On Thoughts Occasioned by...' Montaigne to Marker" [Chapter 1] - Timothy Corrigan

        Chapter  Chapter 1, pp. 13-33; Full text available. The library also has physical copies.

      2. The Limits of Vococentrism: Chris Marker, Hans Richter and the Essay Film - S. Ungar, D. O. Harvey 01/01/2012

        Article  [Accessed on the 05/09/2017]

  10. Week 9: Film and Place (1) Politics 10 items
    1. Prescribed Reading 2 items
      1. Ten Theses on Politics - Jacques Ranciere, Davide Panagia, Rachel Bowlby 2001

        Article  Theory and Event, 2001, Vol.5(3)

      2. Miral: Miral-Miriam. - Margalit, Avishai 2011

        Article  October, 1 April 2011, Vol.136, pp.196-201

    2. Background Reading 8 items
      1. The Metapolitical Structure of the West - Roberto Esposito 2014/03/21

        Article  Qui Parle: Critical Humanities and Social Sciences, 1 July 2014, Vol.22(2), pp.147-161

      2. Introduction: Marking Political Cinema - Mazierska, Ewa 2014

        Article  Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media, 1 April 2014, Vol.55(1), pp.33-44

      3. “Every Form of Art Has a Political Dimension” - Chantal Mouffe, Rosalyn Deutsche, Branden W. Joseph, Thomas Keenan 01/2001

        Article  Grey Room, 1 January 2001, Issue 2, pp.99-125

      4. Response to Bruce Robbins - Chantal Mouffe 10/2001

        Article  Grey Room, Fall 2001, pp.118

      5. The Aesthetic Dimension: Aesthetics, Politics, Knowledge - Jacques Rancière 01/2009

        Article  Critical Inquiry, 2009 Autumn, Vol.36(1), pp.1-19

      6. Talking Politics 2008 - Heartney, Eleanor 2008

        Article  Art in America, June 2008, Issue 6, pp.162-167

      7. Life Full of Holes - T.J. Demos 07/2006

        Article  Grey Room, 1 July 2006, Issue 24, pp.72-87

  11. Week 10: Place and Filmic space (2) 7 items
    1. Prescribed Reading 1 item
      1. Landscapes of Deliquescence in Michelangelo Antonioni's "Red Desert" - Matthew Gandy 2003

        Article  Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 1 June 2003, Vol.28(2), pp.218-237

    2. Background Reading 6 items
      1. The World Outside the Window Š Antonioni's Architectonics of Space and Time - Thomas Harrison, Sarah Carey 2011

        Article  Italian Culture, vol. xxix, no.1, March, 2011, pp. 37-51

      2. People and Their Places in Antonioni's La Notte - Carr, Jeremy 2014

        Article  CineAction, 2014, Vol.93, pp.50-55

      3. 2017

        Webpage  Read Ben C. "Masao Adachi: Conceiving Urban Landscape" [Accessed on the 06/09/2017]

      4. French Women Directors Negotiating Transnational Identities - Catherine Portuges 2009

        Article  Yale French Studies, no.115, (2009), pp. 47-63

  12. Week 11: Artist Films (2) [Focus on Andrew Denton] - Cinematic Affect in the Time of Ecological Uncertainty 3 items
    1. Prescribed Reading 3 items
      1. Affective modes of cinematic inquiry: Oil and subjective distance - Andrew Denton 216

        Article  PAN: Philosophy Activism Nature, 2016, Issue 12, p.195-202

      2. The Anamorphic Politics of Climate Change - Jodi Dean January 2016

        Article  [Accessed on the 06/09/2017]

  13. Week 12: Humour/Vitality 3 items
    1. Prescribed Reading 1 item
      1. Dennis Harvey, "Rochefort Cheese", San Francisco Bay Guardian, September, 1998.

    2. Further Jacques Demy readings 2 items
      1. Jacques Demy and His Other World - Ginette Billard 10/1964

        Article  Film Quarterly, 1 October 1964, Vol.18(1), pp.23-27

      2. More Demy: in praise of the young girls of Rochefort - William Johnson 1996

        Article  Film Comment, Sept-Oct, 1996, Vol.32(5), p.72(5)

  14. General Bibliography 96 items
    1. Film Theory/ History 54 items
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