This list relates to the year Semester 2, 2017 which ended on 20/10/2017
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  1. Week 1: Introduction to Basic Concepts of Regulation 3 items
    1. Critical Reflections on Regulation - Black, J. 2002

      Article  Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 27: 1-35.

    2. Introduction [Chapter of A Reader on Regulation] - Robert Baldwin, Colin Scott, Christopher Hood


  2. Week 2: Enforcement Strategies 2 items
  3. Week 3: Compliance and Self-Regulation 3 items
    1. Explaining compliance: business responses to regulation - Christine Parker, Vibeke Lehmann Nielsen, Ebooks Corporation c2011 (electronic resource)

      Book  Full text available online. Students should also explore at least one other chapter

  4. Week 4: Regulatory Impact Assessment 3 items
  5. Week 5 5 items
    1. Australian journal of corporate law - University of Canberra. Centre for National Corporate Law Research, LexisNexis (Firm) 1991-

      Journal  Full text available online. Read Towards Better Corporate Regulation in Australia, v. 26, no. 1, pp. 6-38, Articles

    2. Recommended: 3 items
      1. Examining the link between enforcement activity and corporate compliance by Australian companies and the implications for regulators - Joseph Zubcic, Robert Sims 12/07/2011

        Article  International Journal of Law and Management, 2011, Vol.53(4), p.299-308

      2. Civil Penalties and Responsive Regulation: The Gap between Theory and Practice - Welsh, M. 2009

        Article  Melbourne University Law Review, vol 33(3), p 908

      3. Australian journal of corporate law - University of Canberra. Centre for National Corporate Law Research, LexisNexis (Firm) 1991-

        Journal  Full text available online. Read Reverberations after the HIH and other recent Australian corporate collapses, 2003, vol. 15, no. 3, Articles

  6. Week 6 3 items
    1. Less energetic but more enlightened? Exploring the Fair Work Ombudsman's use of litigation in regulatory enforcement - Tess Hardy, John Howe and Sean Cooney 2013

      Article  Sydney Law Review, The, Vol. 35, No. 3, Sept 2013: 565-597

    2. Recommended: 1 item
      1. Creighton & Stewart's labour law - W. B. Creighton, Andrew Stewart, Anthony Joseph Forsyth, Mark Irving 2016

        Book  For more concrete legal details of Australia's labour regulation system, see Chapter 2 'Labour Law: A Regulatory Perspective', Chapter 7 'Institutions and Participants' and Chapter 19 'Enforcement of Employment Obligations'.

  7. Week 7 3 items
    1. Case Note: A Record Penalty: ACCC v Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd 2017

      Article  Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law, v 25, p 140

  8. Week 8 3 items
    1. Understanding the rise of the regulatory state of the South* - Navroz K. Dubash, Bronwen Morgan 09/2012

      Article  Regulation & Governance 6(3): 261-281

    2. Responsive regulation and developing economies - John Braithwaite 2006-5

      Article  World Development 34(5): 884-898

    3. The authoritarian logic of regulatory pluralism: Understanding China's new environmental actors - Benjamin van Rooij, Rachel E. Stern, Kathinka Fürst 03/2016

      Article  Regulation & Governance 10, 3-13

  9. Week 9 2 items
    1. The politics of global regulation - Walter Mattli, Ngaire Woods c2009

      Book  Full text available online. Read chapter 2 'The Governance Triangle: Regulatory Standards Institutions and the Shadow of the State' by KW Abbott and D Snidal

    2. Can non-state global governance be legitimate? An analytical framework - Steven Bernstein, Benjamin Cashore 12/2007

      Article  Regulation & Governance, December 2007, Vol.1(4), pp.347-371

  10. Week 10 2 items
    1. The Evolution of a Global Labor Governance Regime - Anke Hassel 04/2008

      Article  Governance, April 2008, Vol.21(2), pp.231-251

    2. Codes in context: How states, markets, and civil society shape adherence to global labor standards - Michael W. Toffel, Jodi L. Short, Melissa Ouellet 09/2015

      Article  Regulation & Governance, September 2015, Vol.9(3), pp.205-223

  11. Week 11 3 items
    1. Indicators as a Technology of Global Governance - Kevin E. Davis, Benedict Kingsbury, Sally Engle Merry 03/2012

      Article  Law & Society Review, March 2012, Vol.46(1), pp.71-104

    2. The quiet power of indicators: measuring governance, corruption, and the rule of law - Cambridge University Press 2015

      Book  Full text available online. Read 'Measuring Corporate Accountability Through Global Indicators' by Galit Sarfaty

    3. Recommended: 1 item
      1. Grading regulators: the impact of global and local indicators on Vietnam's business governance - Nguyen, T 2013

        Article  Full text available online. Unable to link directly to article, go to View It Tab. New York University Law Review, 2013 Dec, Vol.88(6), pp.2254-2285

  12. Week 12 2 items
    1. New Transnational Governance and the Changing Composition of Regulatory Pluralism in Southeast Asia - John Gillespie 2014-01-1

      Article  Asian Journal of Comparative Law, 2014, Vol.9(1), pp.65-95

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