1. General Sources 57 items
    1. General Works 13 items
      1. The most readable general history is: 2 items
        1. Aboriginal Australians: a history since 1788 - Broome, Richard 2010

          Book  Various editions: 1982 2nd ed, 1994 3rd ed, 2001, 4th ed, 2010

        2. Aboriginal Australians: a history since 1788 - Richard Broome, Richard Broome, ProQuest (Firm) 2010


      2. See also 6 items
        1. Contested ground: Australian aborigines under the British Crown - Ann McGrath, Ebooks Corporation 1995 (electronic resource)


        2. The destruction of Aboriginal society - Rowley, Charles 1970

          Book  Aboriginal Policy and Practice, v. 1

        3. Outcasts in white Australia - Rowley, Charles 1971

          Book  Aboriginal Policy and Practice, v. 2

        4. The remote Aborigines - Rowley, Charles 1971

          Book  Aboriginal Policy and Practice, v. 3

      3. A useful synthesis of much of the nineteenth centre is: 1 item
      4. The best such account of the twentieth century is: 1 item
      5. The following have a broader focus but also provide overviews of relations between aboriginal people and Europeans: 3 items
        1. Race relations in Australia: a history - Yarwood, A. T. and Knowling, Michael 1982


    2. Readers 1 item
      1. Terrible hard biscuits: a reader in Aboriginal history - Peter Read and Valerie Chapman 1996


    3. Reference Works 3 items
      1. The Oxford companion to Australian history - Graeme Davison et al. (eds), Oxford University Press 2001- (electronic resource)

        Document  The Oxford Companion to Australian History, Melbourne, 1998, has many excellent short entries and essays on a wide range of topics relevant to this sujbect. Consult the subject index for Aborigines on p. 711.

      2. See also: 2 items
        1. The Oxford companion to Aboriginal art and culture - Sylvia Kleinert and Margo Neale 2000


        2. The Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, society and culture - Horton, David, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies 1994


    4. Documentary Sources 3 items
      Several collections of contemporary sources have been published. The most useful general collections are:
    5. Historiographical articles and reflections 17 items
      1. 'Aboriginal History' - Attwood, Bain 28/06/2008

        Article  Also in John A. Moses (ed.), Historical Disciplines in Australasia: Themes, Problems and Debates, a special issue of Australian Journal of Politics and History

      2. The making of the Aborigines - Attwood, Bain 1989

        Book  Read Chapter 6

      3. The Oxford history of historical writing - Woolf, D. R., Feldherr, Andrew and Hardy, Grant 2011-

        Book  Attwood, Bain, Chapter 29 Settler Histories and Indigenous Pasts: Australia and New Zealand, pp. 594-614

      4. Telling the truth about Aboriginal history - Attwood, Bain, Ebooks Corporation c2005 (electronic resource)

        Book  Chapter 2

      5. Frontier conflict: the Australian experience - Attwood, Bain and S.G. Foster, National Museum of Australia 2003

        Book  'Introduction', pp. 1-30

      6. Aboriginal History

        Chapter  Biskup, Peter, 'Aboriginal History', pp. 11-31

      7. Perspectives of the Past: An Introduction - Isabel McBryde

        Chapter  McBryde, Isabel, 'Perspectives of the Past: An Introduction', pp. 1-15

      8. Contested ground: Australian Aborigines under the British crown - McGrath, Ann 1995

        Book  McGrath, Ann, 'Contested Ground: What is “Aboriginal History”’, pp. 359-97

      9. The Aborigines in Australian Historiography

        Chapter  Reece, R.H.W., 'The Aborigines in Australian Historiography', pp. 253-281

      10. After Mabo: interpreting indigenous traditions - Rowse, Tim, American Council of Learned Societies 1993 (electronic resource)


    6. Bibliographies 7 items
      1. Aboriginal studies resource list - Barlow, Alex, Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies 1989

        Book  Various editions, 1983, 1986, 1989

      2. Resource materials for use in aboriginal studies courses: interim annotated bibliography - Hill, Marji and Barlow, Alex, Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies 1976-1977


      3. For a guide to bibliographies in the field, see:

      4. Bibliographies on the Australian Aborigine: an annotated listing - Thawley, John and Gauci, Sarah, La Trobe University, Borchardt Library 1987


    7. Biographical Aids 3 items
      1. History in portraits: biographies of nineteenth century South Australian Aboriginal people - Simpson, Jane Helen and Hercus, L. A., Aboriginal History Inc 1998


      2. Australian dictionary of biography - Pike, Douglas et al. 1966-

        Book  Available online, 2006 to present

      3. Australian dictionary of biography - Australian National University, University of Melbourne 2006- (electronic resource)


    8. Primary sources available online 10 items
      1. National Archives of Australia

        Website  Many of the records held by the National Archives of Australia are digitised.

      2. For a guide to these records, see Ros Fraser, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Commonwealth Records: A Guide to Records in the Australian Archives, ACT Regional Office, Canberra, 1993

      3. Various Australian parliamentary papers are available here:

      4. Many Australian newspapers have been digitised. See here:


        (accessed 20/07/2020)

      5. There is a website devoted to the subject of massacres. See:


      6. Legal records for New South Wales between 1799 and 1840 are available here:

        Original Documents on Aborigines and Law, 1797-1840,



        For some records regarding an early mission in New South Wales, see:


        The Wellington Valley Project: Letters and Journals relating to the Church Missionary Society Mission to Wellington Valley, NSW, 1830-45. A Critical Electronic Edition. 2002, https://downloads.newcastle.edu.au/library/cultural%20collections/the-wellington-valley-project/


        For a website about Aboriginal people in Sydney, see



      7. Parliamentary papers and reports regarding Aborigines for the colony and state of Victoria are available here: (link to be confirm)


  2. Week 1 (5 August) Introduction to the Unit 13 items
    To begin this subject, we will consider the rise of what has been called ‘Aboriginal history’.
    1. Reading 13 items
      1. Aboriginal History* - Attwood Bain 28/06/2008


      2. The Oxford history of historical writing: Volume 5: Historical writing since 1945 - Oxford University Press 2018

        Book  Chapter 29 Settler Histories and Indigenous Pasts: New Zealand and Australia

      3. The Oxford history of historical writing - D. R. Woolf, Andrew Feldherr, Grant Hardy 2011-

        Book  Settler Histories and Indigenous Pasts: Australia and New Zealand. vol. 5 pp. 594-614

      4. Telling the truth about Aboriginal history - Attwood, Bain, Ebooks Corporation c2005 (electronic resource)

        Book  Chapters 1 & 2

      5. Contested ground: Australian aborigines under the British Crown - McGrath, Ann, Ebooks Corporation 1995 (electronic resource)


      6. 'Introduction'

        Chapter  In James Miller, 'Koori, a will to win: the heroic resistance, survival & triumph of black Australia', pp. xv-xvii

      7. Aborigines in Australian historiography - John Anthony Moses

        Chapter  Chapter 16 The Aborigines in Australian Historiography. pp. 253-281

      8. The breaking of the great Australian silence: Aborigines in Australian historiography 1955-1983 - Reynolds, Henry, University of London. Australian Studies Centre 1984


  3. Week 2 (12 August): The Killing Times 77 items
    1. Primary Sources 6 items
      1. ''Making People Quiet" in the Pastoral North: Reminiscences of Elsey Station' - Merlan, Francesca 1978

        Article  Aboriginal History, vol. 2, pt 1, 1978 pp. 70-106

      2. Paddy Cahill of Oenpelli - Mulvaney, John 2004 (electronic resource)


      3. From the frontier: outback letters to Baldwin Spencer - Byrne, Patrick Michael et al, Ebooks Corporation 2000


    2. Secondary Sources 23 items
      1. Aboriginal Victorians: a history since 1800 - Broome, Richard, NetLibrary, Inc 2005 (electronic resource)

        Book  Chapter 5

      2. Aborigines in colonial Victoria, 1835-86 [Whole Book Digitisation] - Christie, M. F. 1979

        Book  Chapters 2 & 3. Whole book digitised (out of print)

      3. A Distant Field of Murder - Jan Critchett 1992

        Book  Chapter 7 More than thirty are said to have been thus laid low

      4. 'Encounters in the Western District'

        Chapter  In Bain Attwood and S. G. Foster, 'Frontier conflict: the Australian experience', Chapter 3.

      5. Inside the killing fields of Queensland | The Australian - Fotheringham, Richard October 06, 2010

        Webpage  [accessed 28/02/2018]

      6. The Wiradjuri war 1838-40 - Bill Gammage 1983


      7. 'Genocide and empire' (Genocide and Settler Society: Frontier Violence and Stolen Indigenous Children in Australian History - Book review) - Lester, Alan 2006

        Article  Alternative site, http://www.borderlandsejournal.adelaide.edu.au/vol5no1_2006/lester_moses.htm

      8. Resistance from the Rainforest 1982

        Chapter  In Noel Loos, 'Invasion and resistance: Aboriginal-European relations on the North Queensland frontier 1861-1897', Chapter 4

      9. 'Blacks and Whites'

        Chapter  In Bob Reece, 'Aborigines and colonists: Aborigines and colonial society in New South Wales in the 1830's and 1840's', Chapter 1

      10. The other side of the frontier: Aboriginal resistance to the European invasion of Australia - Reynolds, Henry, Ebooks Corporation 2006 (electronic resource)

        Book  Chapters 6 & 7

      11. European Invaders : The Sealers, 1800-1837 1996

        Chapter  In Ryan Lyndall, 'The Aboriginal Tasmanians'. Chapter 3

      12. The Great Australian Silence

        Chapter  'The Great Australian Silence', Lecture ; reproduced in his White Man Got No Dreaming, 1979

    3. Document 1 item
      1. Chapter

        Chapter  In Maggie MacKellar, 'Strangers in a Foreign Land: The Journal of Niel Black and Other Voices from the Western District'. pp106-108

    4. Week 2 (Physical Items - no Electronic resources) 47 items
      1. Primary sources 7 items
        1. Nyibayarri: Kimberley tracker - Bohemia, Jack and McGregor, William 1995


        2. Massacre at Hodgson Downs

          Chapter  In Luise Hercus and Peter Sutton, 'This is What Happened: Historical Narratives by Aborigines', Chapter 16.

        3. Historical records of Victoria - Cannon, Michael et al, Victoria 1981-2002

          Book  vol. 2A, Part IV ; vol. 2B, Part VI ; vol. 7

        4. Part of Introduction, Part of Chapter 3 2008

          Chapter  In Maggie MacKellar, 'Strangers in a Foreign Land: The Journal of Niel Black and Other Voice from the Western District', Part of Introduction & Part of Chapter 3

        5. Big river country: stories from Elsey Station - Dirngayg, Amy and Merlan, Francesca 1996


        6. Long time, olden time: Aboriginal accounts of Northern Territory history - Read, Peter and Read, Jay, Institute for Aboriginal Development (Alice Springs, N.T.) c1991

          Book  Part 1

      2. Secondary sources 40 items
        1. Frontier conflict: the Australian experience - Attwood, Bain and Foster, S. G., National Museum of Australia 2003

          Book  Especially Introduction, chs 1-4, 6, 8, 10

        2. Whitewash: on Keith Windschuttle's fabrication of Aboriginal history - Manne, Robert 2003

          Book  Boyce, James, 'Fantasy Island', Overview chapter, pp. 17-78

        3. Van Diemen's land - Boyce, James 2008

          Book  Chapter 3

        4. Australia, two centuries of war & peace - McKernan, Michael and Browne, Margaret, Australian War Memorial 1988

          Book  Broome, Richard, 'The Struggle for Australia: Aboriginal-European Warfare 1770-1930', pp. 92-120

        5. The killing times - Cribbin, John 1984


        6. Cleared out: first contact in the Western Desert - Davenport, Sue and Johnson, Peter, Yuwali 2005


        7. The colonial Australians - Denholm, David 1979

          Book  Chapter 3

        8. A history of queensland - Evans, Raymond 2007


        9. Exclusion, exploitation and extermination: race relations in colonial Queensland - Evans, Raymond, Saunders, Kay and Cronin, Kathryn 1975

          Book  Part 1. Various editions, 1975, 1988, 1993, with changed title

        10. Colonial Armidale - Ferry, John 1999

          Book  Chapter 2

        11. Fatal collisions: the South Australian frontier and the violence of memory - Foster, Robert, Nettelbeck, Amanda, Hosking, Rick, Wakefield Press 2001


        12. Honouring the Aboriginal dead - Rae Frances, Bruce Scates 1989


        13. The Forrest River massacres - Green, Neville 2008

          Book  1995 and 2008 edns.

        14. Chapter 5 Past Silence - Tom Griffiths 1996

          Chapter  Chapter 5, ‘Past Silences’, pp. 103-120

        15. Jandamarra & the Bunuba resistance - Pedersen, Howard, Woorunmurra, Banjo 2011

          Book  1995 edn, Jandamarra and the Bunuba Resistance

        16. Forgotten war - Henry Reynolds 2013


        17. Frontier: Aborigines, settlers and land - Reynolds, Henry 1987

          Book  Part I

        18. Fate of a free people - Reynolds, Henry 1995

          Book  Chapters 2-4

        19. The secret war - Richards, Jonathan 2008


        20. Hidden histories: black stories from Victoria River Downs, Humbert River and Wave Hill Stations - Rose, Deborah Bird 1991

          Book  Chapters 3, 4, 18, 19, and Postscript: "Memory and the Future"

        21. The Aboriginal Tasmanians - Lyndall Ryan 1996

          Book  Chapters 3-6

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